Full Question: What is this risk of getting filler treatments? I’ve heard about intravascular injection???

When we introduce filler to the body, we’re usually using a hyaluronic acid based product which is a natural occurring sugar in our skin. This material attracts water to itself to increase volume.

No treatment is without risk, there is a possibility that this filler can be injected into a blood vessel which can cause damages to the skin or other structures that it supplies.

In the proper hands, this risk is extremely low.

The risk can be further minimized by:

1. Seeing an expert who is experienced in facial injections. Dr. Robb Jr. is a facial expert who operates daily on the face. This gives him a knowledge and understanding of the facial anatomy. Knowing where the blood vessels run is a large part of our advantage. 2. Cannula usage has been shown to decrease the risk of intravascular injection. Dr. Robb Jr. generally uses cannulas to place the filler, NOT NEEDLES. What is a cannula you’re wondering?? It’s a blunt tip elongated needle-like device that’s not sharp. Because of this, small capillaries and vessels are “pushed aside” by the cannula and not penetrated, decreasing the risk of intravascular injection. 3. There are protocols and medications that need to be available in the event of intravascular injection. There are medications that can immediately reverse the HA filler that would need to be given right away in the event.

There are risks with anything we do in life, it’s important to be educated to understand all possibilities and educated as to how to minimize our risk!

Hope this helps and God Bless!

Dr. Robb Jr.

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