Sun Damage, Aging, And Medical Conditions Affect Your Skin

As time goes on, many find that lesions, moles, spots, and other blemishes have accumulated on their face, neck, and other body parts. For some, these are inconsequential, but for others, these marks can negatively impact self-image. Laser treatments are a safe and efficient way to restore your skin to an unblemished state.

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What Is Mole Vaporization?

Moles are growths that form on the face and body. For some, moles can expand and look unsightly. They may be benign or a sign of skin cancer. It is good practice to have moles regularly assessed by a dermatologist, especially if you have multiple. When noticed early, moles are best removed quickly; removal via laser treatment is a fast, and non-invasive way to do so. 

Removing Lesions & Common Blemishes With Laser Technology

At Robb Facial Plastic Surgery, we utilize Deka SmartXide Dot® CO2 laser technology, which is highly versatile and can be used efficiently in lesion removal as well as mole elimination. Scarring and lesions due to medical conditions, surgery, or injury leave many dissatisfied with aspects of their appearance.

Thankfully, CO2 laser treatment is appropriate for use on any part of the body. This treatment can also lighten hyperpigmented skin, and reduce age spots, warts, bumps, and skin tags.

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What Is Aftercare Like?

After the treatment, it is best to avoid direct sunlight for a while, using sunscreen and full coverage when outside. Most patients can go about daily chores at home that require minimal exertion right after. Heavy exercise should be avoided until cleared by Dr. Robb or his team. You may experience redness, but this will pass in a few days to a week.

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Benefits Of Laser Technology

Laser removal of scars, moles, and lesions is regarded as a superior method of elimination. Compared to traditional surgical techniques like surgical excision, laser removal requires minimal to no recovery time, and drastically reduces scarring. Because laser treatments target very specific areas, surrounding skin can remain unaffected and healthy.

Laser technology has the power to penetrate different layers of the skin, targeting a problem area right at the source. Lasers not only remove blemishes, but they catalyze your body’s natural healing process, replacing the removed skin with healthy new tissue. This means your results will only improve with time.

I am so happy that I finally called Dr. Robb’s office for mole vaporization. I was constantly hiding behind masks and hoodies to cover up the mole on my neck. It was such an easy process and only took minutes. The staff was incredible from the initial call to schedule the appointment, to the nursing staff and even the follow through with checking on my healing progress. I encourage you to visit Dr. Robb’s office for all your facial concerns! I am thankful we have such a talented and committed doctor's office in Alpharetta. Thank you!


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Serving Alpharetta, Atlanta, And Surrounding Areas

Dr. Robb and his expert team at Robb Facial Plastic Surgery provide top-tier service in their deluxe medical spa, where patients can relax and unwind while treating cosmetic concerns. Known for excellent patient care, Dr. Robb and his staff always go above and beyond to ensure that each patient receives VIP treatment and outstanding results. Contact us today to schedule a visit!

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