Your Aftercare Plan

Dr. Robb will discuss your pre- and post-operative care multiple times prior to your procedure. On your initial visit, if surgery is of interest, a portion of the discussion will involve expectations and normative postoperative protocol. Again on the morning of surgery, Dr. Robb Jr. will sit with you to discuss care, expectations, and all the necessary details.

After your procedure, Dr. Robb Jr. will ensure that your ride knows how to care for you. ​Our office will be in close contact after your surgery, and Dr. Robb Jr. may see you the day after your procedure to assist with care. We look forward to helping you to become your best self!

Important To Remember

Surgeries are done in the safest possible manner, and Dr. Robb personally oversees the recovery process for each patient. However, if you notice any of the below after you return home, please notify us.

  • You have a fever over 101.3
  • There is increased redness/tenderness at the incision area
  • There is extensive swelling
  • You experience Increasing pain
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General Post-Operative Instructions

You will receive a customized after-care plan from Dr. Robb, but below are some general guidelines patients follow after their procedures:

  • CLEAN the incision site twice daily with Hydrogen Peroxide and Water (1:1 ratio); apply this with a Q-tip and rotate the Q-tip in the direction of the sutures. It is extremely important not to allow any scabbing to occur so, please make sure to remove all scabbing with each cleaning.
  • KEEP a thin layer of Vaseline over the incision line – apply twice daily after cleaning
  • EXPECT some mild to moderate oozing from the incision sites for the next 24-48 hrs this is normal
  • MEDICATIONS: Take your medications as prescribed on the instruction label.
  • BLEEDING: apply firm pressure for 10-20 mins, it will usually stop
  • KEEP HEAD ELEVATED above the heart for 3 days after surgery
  • Continue to take blood pressure medication regularly
  • Stop any blood thinners if possible for 1 week after surgery* (please contact prescribing MD about blood thinner.)
  • Keep incision lines out of the sun for 1 year after surgery (apply SPF of 50 over incisions)
  • Do NOT bend over or perform heavy lifting (over 10lbs) for 1 week after surgery
  • Do NOT take Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen, naproxen, Aleve, or Mobic as these may increase swelling, bruising, and bleeding
  • Do NOT operate heavy machinery while taking narcotic pain medications
    BLEEDING AND CLOTTED BLOOD: If you bleed from one of the suture lines, apply gentle pressure for 10- 20 minutes. It will usually stop. If there is dried or clotted blood along the incision line, gently clean the incision line with ½ strength hydrogen peroxide. Do not get hydrogen peroxide into the eyes.
    ACTIVITIES: No heavy lifting or vigorous activity for 2 weeks following your procedure unless otherwise instructed
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