Restore Your Face To Your Pre-Surgical Look

Many times, patients who undergo facial cancer resection, or removal of cancerous tissue, are left with scars, skin depressions, or other cosmetic deformities. While the removal of dangerous tissue is vital, patients can have a difficult time with their appearance after the procedure. Double board-certified plastic facial surgeon Dr. Philip Robb routinely performs facial reconstructions after cancer resections, recreating and if desired, enhancing the patient’s look.

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How Does The Process Work?

Facial reconstruction is an extremely complex and delicate procedure that requires experience and extensive knowledge of facial anatomy. Philip Robb, Jr., MD, FACS focuses solely on facial reconstruction and cosmetic procedures, and he and his highly-trained team are super subspecialists when it comes to facial reconstruction. Because of their niche expertise, only the best techniques and technology are used in each procedure, ensuring optimal results and minimal bruising.

Each surgery differs because each patient has unique needs, but in some cases, Dr. Robb is able to utilize healthy tissue from elsewhere on the body like the thigh, abdomen, or forearm in the reconstruction process. This approach reduces scarring and recovery time while yielding naturalistic results.

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Is Facial Reconstruction Right For Me?

If you have had cancerous or diseased tissue removed from your face and are dissatisfied with the way you now look, facial reconstruction can restore you to your best-looking self and boost your self-confidence. Dr. Robb personally meets with each prospective patient to conduct a thorough consultation, during which your needs and medical history are discussed. Dr. Robb is double board-certified in facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology (head and neck surgery), which gives him the experience and discernment to determine if facial reconstruction could help you.

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What Is Recovery From Facial Reconstruction Like?

Because facial reconstruction is a highly specialized procedure, there is no standard recovery for all. Instead, Dr. Robb devises a healing and recovery timeline that is tailored to your needs. With each patient, Dr. Robb will outline how long recovery will take, the best methods to manage pain or discomfort, and how long before the patient can resume normal activities. Emotional changes can be a part of this process for many patients; that is why Dr. Robb centers compassion and patience as core tenets of his practice.

The team at Robb Facial Plastic Surgery excels in bedside manner and will go to any length necessary to ensure patient comfort and successful outcomes. Because Dr. Robb and his team focus on the face, they use only the best techniques and technology to ensure a quick recovery.

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What Results Can I Expect?

With any cosmetic surgery, it is important to have realistic expectations. Before scheduling any procedure, Dr. Robb will explain what results you can expect and ensure that you feel confident and comfortable moving forward with surgery. Dr. Robb always aims for the most natural and pleasing aesthetic results possible, using his specialized expertise to carefully rebuild and restore form and function to the affected area.

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