The stigma has changed and continues to change regarding cosmetic surgery and procedures. Twenty years ago, cosmetic surgery was only for Hollywood and the rich and famous. Men never would be caught in the office of a facial plastic surgeon’s office. That too has changed.

Everyone cares about the way we look. The face is how we communicate, it’s the first thing noticed when we interact with the world. In 2014, the cosmetic industry brought in over 55 billion dollars (enough to buy 10 Navy aircraft carriers or give every man, woman, and child in the United States $183!) and the numbers have only skyrocketed from there.

Back in 2013, 13.4million cosmetic procedures (totaling 13.3billion $!) were performed in the United states. These numbers have been on a consistent rise for many years.

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What does this mean to you? Why are more and more people improving their looks with use of cosmetic procedures????

1. Safety- These procedures I perform are well studied have have been performed consistently since the 1970s and 80s. The procedures are well tolerated and have an extremely high satisfaction rating. They are performed in safe environments with accredited staff and anesthesia (when applicable)

2. High effective results. We often accomplish what we set out to do and this is why word of mouth is the largest way to grow a patient base.

3. Who doesn’t want to look better? Studies have proven over and over again that attractive people get the jobs, make the sales, make more $$$, and lead healthier, more ‘fulfilling’ lives.

4. I routinely perform facial reconstructions after skin cancer removal. I can tell you that EVERYONE cares what their face looks like. It doesn’t matter male or female, old or young. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t care what their face looks like! And this is one of the reasons I love what I do.

a graph showing the top non-invasive cosmetic procedures5. Studies have definitively concluded that if someone can APPEAR 7 YEARS YOUNGER THAN THEY ARE- quality of life improves and they are perceived as more attractive.

The use of cosmetic principles and procedures is not a one stop shop to look like your favorite Hollywood actress. It can be used as a tool along with a healthy and active lifestyle to help maintain your looks or restore a certain aspect of your face or neck that bothers you.

Unfortunately, many of us are/were sun worshippers which is one of the fastest methods to experience significant signs of aging and pre-mature aging. I want all of my patients to lead healthy lives and feel good about how they look.

When you feel good about how you look, life quality improves: this includes relationships, career status, self esteem, and this is a big reason as to why I do what I do.

Otoplasty (ear reshaping or ear pinning) is performed on patients at around 6yrs of age. These are my youngest patients generally but I also see children to remove lesions or cysts off of the face and to repair facial trauma.

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