What is buccal fat reduction?

Commonly known as buccal fat removal, this is a quick procedure that reduces the fat and fullness from the lower face by removing a portion of your buccal fat pad. It’s a safe way to treat the “chubby cheek” appearance. The face cannot be ‘liposuctioned’ so buccal fat reduction is the safe removal of a portion of the nearly golf ball-sized lumps of fat that exist on either side of the mouth.

What’s the purpose of buccal fat reduction?

To create a narrower, more contoured, and less “chubby cheek” appearance. This is often a look created by filters on the social media apps- instead this gives you a more attractive look without the use of filters, special poses etc.

Is there a purpose to buccal fat?

It’s thought that it may help with breast feeding, but there is no functionality lost after buccal fat reduction.

Who’s a candidate for this procedure?

A candidate is someone who wants to have more narrowed and contoured lower face who has a significant presence of buccal fat which is felt by the surgeon during the consultation.

What is fat transfer with Buccal fat reduction?

In most cases, we remove a portion of the buccal fat and then transfer it to the other parts of the face which complement this procedure. It adds to the procedure, creating better, more noticeable, and more natural results.

This buccal fat is rich in stem cells and growth factors- this helps the skin quality and health while creating beautiful and long lasting permanent cheek lift and volume.

Is all the buccal fat removed?

No, Dr. Robb removes the safe additional or excess buccal fat tissue from your cheeks. This is why we like to refer to the procedure as buccal fat reduction.

What are the risks associated with this procedure?

Bleeding or infection is possible with any procedure, in addition to that, the parotid duct and the buccal branch of the facial nerve are at risk here- neither one has ever been damaged the way Dr. Robb performs this procedure. This is why you need to consult with a facial expert for this procedure. Although it is a quick procedure, it requires extensive knowledge and training to safely perform this procedure. Thankfully,

Dr. Robb performs this procedure on 2-3 times per day, providing excellent care and attention to patients.

Can I do it awake?

Absolutely 91% of our buccal fat reduction procedures are performed awake in the office. The procedure takes about 20mins and you can drive yourself to and from the appointment! Plan to come in to our office and meet with a coordinator and nursing staff prior to your procedure. Afterward, we check in with you to ensure your doing well. A follow-up with our team is necessary to see that you’re healing well and to answer any questions.

What’s the recovery like?

We ask that you eat a soft diet for 1 week while the dissolvable sutures heal the inside tiny incision in your mouth No heavy lifting or vigorous activity for 2 weeks – then no restrictions after this.

Do I have to drink only liquids?

No, you can eat soft foods – we ask that you avoid hard or sharp foods like pretzels or tortilla chips for the first week only.

When do I see results?

Buccal Fat Reduction results start to be appreciated around 2-3 weeks after the procedure and continue to improve for 6-9 months. During that time, you are seeing your face beginning to look narrower and more contoured. This is commonly used to achieve that younger, less chubby look that even the most fit people cannot achieve through exercise.

How long does it last?

The results are permanent! The fat does not return and the transfer results in permanent volume and increased upper facial volume, providing that natural, beautiful, heart-shaped look

Will it make me look hollow?

We have not had any patients report hollowing. This is possible if done incorrectly. However, Dr. Robb is among the surgeons with some of the highest volume of buccal fat reduction. This is imperative to look for in a surgeon in order to understand if the surgeon is getting good results and has the amount of experience to ensure a safe procedure. Our practice only seeks to provide patients with natural results. Any hollow look or “alien” look would be against our ethos.

Does Buccal Fat reduce with age?

No! Buccal fat actually can increase with age… I have performed this procedure in patients in their 70s who surprisingly can have a significant amount of fat in their cheeks at that age!

Can buccal fat reduction be done during another surgery?

Yes! This is common for our patients. It’s an easy, sneaky tweak to bring you more facial contouring. It’s often a complement to a facelift, rhinoplasty, or eyelid rejuvenation especially lower blepharoplasty (lower eye bag removal)

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