Driving through town, it seems more and more places are offering neuromodulator therapy Dentists, other medical doctors, spas, salons, nurses, medical assistants, massage therapists, even some gyms are now offering these treatments as they have become the most popular treatment for facial aesthetics.

Often times these offers are enticing with extremely low prices almost too good to be true…


Botox is a powerful medication that weakens the muscles around where it’s injected. In the right hands this one of THE BEST WAYS TO PREVENT AGING. The results are subtle, refreshing, and extremely effective in preventing the signs of aging.

But in the wrong hands… some bad things can happen.

The face is some of the most complicated anatomy in the entire body. Muscles overlap each other, facial planes are intertwined, there are many dynamic moving parts and it’s all exposed to the world if something goes awry… An error can’t be covered by a scarf, sweater, or some makeup.

This patient has ptosis or upper lid lag of his right eye… This is an undesired effect of botox in the wrong hands.

Scaring you is not our intention, but unless you’re educated as to what can go wrong- you don’t know what’s at risk…

negative effects of botox on a woman

Recently, one of the largest the company who produces neuromodulators has gone after many medical offices because they were selling grey label products.

Selling grey label products not produced for sale and consumption in the United States is a crime- and can be potentially dangerous.

These grey label products are cheaper, thus they allow places to charge less.

Another aspect to consider: When the prices are very low you may not be getting all the units that you think you are. Simply changing dilutions can change the amount of product that you receive.

image of a man with dark brown hair

Without a full and complete understanding of the facial anatomy, “surprised frozen face” can be your facial expression at all times. This is very convenient if you’re a professional poker player… but if you’re not- it’s not ideal.

Raising the eyebrows inappropriately is never a good look and NOBODY wants that.

We have treated many patients who have had botox elsewhere and come to us to “make it right.” This can be very difficult.

There is no reversal agent for Botox. Most times you have to wait for 3-5months for it to wear off.

Trust your face to an expert, ask you injector how long they’ve been doing this, ask them to name the muscles that they’re treating and the nerves that innervate them. Ask where the large blood vessels in the face are and what they’re called. Ask them tough questions.

It’s your face! Demand that your injector has a full comprehensive grasp of this therapy and thus… your face!

Negative effects of botox on blonde woman

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