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For skin rejuvenation, Forever Young BBL is a must to keep your skin looking it’s best! With no downtime, this photo facial is the gold standard of light therapy to improve sunspots, fine lines, and small vessels while promoting skin cell turnover. We recommend this treatment once every three months to maximize your skin’s potential.

Imagine long-lasting anti-aging results, reversing skin damage to create more youthful, healthy skin over time. The Sciton BBL is a non-surgical approach that treats age spots, freckles, and hyperpigmented skin from sun damage. Say goodbye to fine lines & wrinkles. The photothermal energy also helps treat small blood vessels that can exaggerate redness in your skin.

The Sciton BBL Forever Young is a state of the art, light-based therapy that delivers light energy to the outer skin tissue as well as under the skin’s surface. The goal is to restore your skin’s original tone and texture while suppressing hyperpigmentation, age spots, vascular lesions, and active acne. Deeper light therapy will stimulate your body’s own collagen production to bring back that youthful, smooth, suppleness in your skin.

Why Am I a Good Candidate for a Forever Young BBL?

If you are looking for skin rejuvenation your aesthetician at Robb Facial Plastics & Aesthetics will advise you on the perfect skin regimen for you. This treatment is effective on most skin types. Most areas of the body can be treated, however; the most common areas are the face, chest, neck, shoulders, and hands. You may be advised to begin with an intro BBL treatment, and, or prep your skin prior to your Forever Young BBL.


BBL Forever Young treatment sessions are 30-45 minutes, unless multiple areas are being treated. Your skin may be slightly pink, but typically resolves on its own within a few hours post procedure. You will feel some warmth on the skin throughout the treatment, but rarely much discomfort. Soon after the procedure you will feel smoother, tighter skin. Pigmented areas will darken and eventually flake off.

Worried about downtime?

There is no need to worry about extended downtime, or time off work. Most often you can apply makeup and return to your activities when the treatment is over. We are here to ensure a safe and successful result for you.

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