What Is an Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty?

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty, also referred to as Piezo rhinoplasty, is a modern approach to nasal surgery. It uses a specialized device called a Piezotome to deliver ultrasonic energy to the bone of the nose. This allows a more refined and precise approach when reshaping and recontouring the nose during rhinoplasty with less pain, recovery, and bruising.

Usually used in conjunction with other instruments and techniques, ultrasonic rhinoplasty eliminates the need for manually scraping and chiseling the bone of the nose. NO HAMMERS and CHISELS! The frequency and precision of the ultrasonic energy do not burn the skin or damage the surrounding tissue!

3 PRIMARY ADVANTAGES of #ultrasonicrhinoplasty with #piezosurgery:

  1. More PRECISION. With micro millimeter precision, we can get better and more precise results during your operation. With hammers and chisels, the bone can often break where we don’t want it to (along the path of least resistance.) With Piezo, We’re able to precisely treat these bones and don’t “break” the bones.
  2. Less PAIN – PIEZO surgery doesn’t harm the periosteum, which is the membrane or lining of the nasal bones. Bones in our body don’t have nerve endings, it’s the periosteum that houses the nerves and “hurts” when a bone is broken. With this technique, the periosteum isn’t touched or harmed… This results in decreased and in many cases NO PAIN after rhinoplasty. These are our observations but are not guaranteed. Please watch our videos of our patients reporting these experiences.
  3. No Bruising – that same periosteum mentioned in #2 houses a great number of blood vessels – hammers and chisels which break the bones damage these blood vessels which results in blood filling and staining the skin and tissues around the nose -> resulting in BRUISING. When we don’t damage this layer, no bleeding, and no bruising!

Is bruising really a big deal? My answer is yes… For multiple reasons. On the surface, no bruising results in quicker healing and a faster recovery, and getting you back to ‘normal’ life faster is very valuable.

But on a deeper level, bruising and pain often result and play a part in swelling and inflammation. It’s this inflammation that can add to prolonged healing time and can compromise our results. With rhinoplasty, I want the tissues to heal exactly as I left them at the completion of surgery and while this often changes a bit during the healing process, inflammation can make that worse and further change the results! Minimizing this is a powerful tool to improve recovery and result prediction.
– Dr. Robb, facial plastic surgeon Atlanta Georgia

You deserve the best technology and techniques! Dr. Robb, Facial Plastic Surgeon in Alpharetta Georgia is the only center to offer this innovative and disruptive transforming technology at the creation of this page. With this type of rhinoplasty procedure, greater control and precision are made possible for reshaping your nasal structures. Ultrasonic rhinoplasty creates natural-looking results with a shorter recovery time than traditional surgery.

Am I a Good Candidate?

You may be a good candidate for ultrasonic rhinoplasty if you are at least 15 years old. Rhinoplasty under age 15 years old is performed rarely on a case-by-case basis only.

If you want to reshape your nose to get rid of a bump on the bridge or decrease the size of a large nose, or have had surgery elsewhere that resulted in less than optimal results, you may be an ideal candidate for this procedure.

It is important to note that the best candidates are in good overall health. Ideal candidates do not have bleeding problems or other underlying conditions that may get in the way of the healing process.

Your Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Consultation

During your consultation at Robb Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, a physical evaluation of your nose and face will be performed. This is vital in the formulation of a highly individualized and tailored treatment approach. You will be asked about your medical history to determine your health risk factors if you have any.

Dr. Robb will then TEACH you about the nose, then your nose, then how he performs this procedure, and what to expect, before, during, and after the recovery.

Educated patients make better decisions. – Dr. Robb Jr.
This is also the best time to discuss your expectations and concerns.

Cost of Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

The cost of ultrasonic rhinoplasty varies greatly from one patient to another. Similar to remodeling your kitchen, the price is completely tailored to your situation and what is happening. A good range of pricing for primary rhinoplasty is $10-20K. Our pricing is all transparent and includes laboratory testing, anesthesia with the facility, and post-operative visits. No smoke and mirrors here.

*** Only additional charges are if Rib cartilage is needed for your surgery there is a fee for that and if significant more time is needed, then a balance will be collected after the surgery which occurs less than 5% of the time.

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