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Scars are generally an unwanted blemish on the skin caused by previous trauma, medical condition, or surgery. They can have a significant negative effect on one’s self-esteem and self-image.

With scar revision, however, unsightly scars can be dramatically improved and in some cases removed!

What is Scar Revision?

Scar revision is a procedure designed to eliminate or reduce the appearance of scars on the face or body.

Scars can have many different characteristics that make them unattractive, the skin can be a different color, skin mismatch, tissue height difference, depression, elevation, and much more.

General Information

The formation of scar tissue takes place as the skin heals after an injury or wound, like that caused by an accident. The amount of scarring largely depends on many factors:

  • The age of the person with scarring
  • The characteristics of the person in question – these include skin tone and pigmentation; genetics comes into play here
  • The size of the wound – how deep it is and where it is
  • The cause of the scar
  • The previous treatment of the scarred tissue
  • The skin health

Depending on the extent of scarring, and each individual case, surgery for scar revision may be done under local anesthesia while awake, or in other cases, sedation can be used to keep you comfortable during the procedure.

When Should You Have It?

Dr. Robb's Scar Revision actual patient
Actual Patient of Dr. Philip K. Robb Jr.

Individual cases will vary depending on the extent of the scars. Dr. Robb will perform an initial assessment of the skin to help decide what procedure would be right for you!

After an injury, the skin should have approximately 3 months to settle and heal. Revisions prior to this time can risk opening up the previous wound. Our best research concludes that skin is done healing at 12 months after the injury.

Every person has a different kind of scar and each scar is different. So it’s essential to undergo a consultation with Dr. Robb before considering the exact treatment for you.

Methods of Scar Revision Surgery

There are numerous techniques available to remove scars. Lasers may be used to smooth out the scar and stimulate collagen production. Silicone therapy with cream or strips may be used in scar massages and pressure therapy to soften the surface of the skin.
Scars can also be successfully eliminated by dermabrasion. This involves removing the upper skin layers with a special machine that removes the outer layers of scar and skin. Over the area treated, new skin growth occurs. This method softens skin and reduces mild scars.

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Scar revision procedures have helped many people suffering from unsightly scars obtain smoother skin and the confidence that comes with it. If you’re interested in learning more about scar revision surgery and if you’re a candidate, contact Robb Facial Plastic Surgery.

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