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Otoplasty involves the treatment of prominent, asymmetrical, or malformed ears. Dr. Robb Jr. uses advanced techniques to gently shape the ear to fit the face and head. Many times, prominent ears can be a source of insecurity or bullying especially in children which can lead to decreased self-image.

A good ear reshaping candidate:

  • prominent ears
  • older than 6yrs old (adults are good candidates as well)
  • ear lacking folds and normal anatomy
  • ears interfering with social interaction

When performed on adults, Dr. Robb Jr. often performs this procedure under local anesthesia in the office and takes under an hour.

Why we love Dr. Philip K. Robb Jr.

The entire process was seamless and stress free

5 Stars

Dr. Robb performed surgery to pin my ears back about 6 weeks ago. I now have beautiful, symmetrical ears that I am no longer afraid to show off! The entire process was seamless and stress free. From my initial consult to my final follow up, the staff here treated me like royalty. They were responsive, knowledgeable, attentive and caring every step of the way. They followed up post surgery to ensure I was healing properly with no complications and continued to check in until I was healed. Dr. Robb and the staff truly are a one of a kind experience that I would 10/10 recommend everyday.

by S.A.

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Why can’t this procedure be performed before 6 years?

Otoplasty - real patient
Actual Patient of Dr. Philip K. Robb Jr.

Dr. Robb Jr. waits until patients are at least 6 years old before otoplasty because prior to this age the ear is not done growing. The cartilage is mature enough at this point to be gently conformed and shaped as well. We’ve also found that prior to 5-6 years of age, there is not much public ridiculing or bullying. The social implications of prominent ear can become difficult after six years of age.

There is no age too late for otoplasty but it is important to understand that as we age, our cartilage becomes more brittle- in many ways similar to bone where it doesn’t want to bend anymore but would rather crack; this fact can complicate otoplasty. There is also about a 5-10% international touch up rate that patients should be aware of.

What is the post-operative course or care that can be expected?

If the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, there is no hangover period. Patients are able to drive themselves home and care for themselves if no other medications are used. There will be a bandage over the ears which is to stay in place.

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If you think you are a good candidate and would like to learn more about the procedure, please contact our office in Alpharetta, Georgia today to set up a personalized consultation with Dr. Robb. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you may have about the procedure and will be happy to assist you with anything you may need.

Dr. Robb is a RealSelf Hall of Fame Physician and Verified Top Doctor.

Facial Plastic Surgeon Board Certificate
RealSelf Hall of Fame
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American Board of Otolaryngology
RealSelf Top Doctor
Facial Plastic Surgery
2020 best of north atlanta best cosmetic surgery

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Actual Patients of Dr. Philip K. Robb Jr.


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Why we love Dr. Philip K. Robb Jr.

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