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Actual Patient of Dr. Philip K. Robb Jr.

Any skin cancer is scary. Skin cancer on your face is down right terrifying. What will I look like? How will this effect my job, my social life, my self-esteem? One of the aspects that attracted Dr. Robb Jr. to this field was facial reconstruction after Mohs resection.

Mohs surgery is a specialized surgery performed by specially trained dermatologist that removes skin cancer from areas of the body by creating the smallest defect possible. Generally, where a wide local excision isn’t appropriate i.e. the face. The face is “high rent district” and so we can’t just cut out a large portion of the face to ensure cancer removal. Patients are often left with varying sizes and depths of defects in their face which can be very scary.

​Dr. Robb Jr. will walk along side you during this journey, discuss the options for reconstruction to figure out what fits in with your lifestyle, and then perform the closure. Throughout the recovery process Dr. Robb Jr.’s team will counsel you and help you through this season of life. As the healing process takes place, surgical sanding as well as other scar hiding procedures can be done to help camouflage signs of the cancer resection.

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Dr. Robb is a RealSelf Hall of Fame Physician and Verified Top Doctor.

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RealSelf Hall of Fame
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Facial Plastic Surgery
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Actual Patients of Dr. Philip K. Robb Jr.

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