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  • Renewed Self Confidence

    Robb Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Alpharetta, Georgia offers men and women locally, throughout the state of Georgia, and the southeast, comprehensive care in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and laser treatments.

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  • Renewed Self Confidence

    Robb Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Alpharetta, Georgia offers men and women locally, throughout the state of Georgia, and the southeast, comprehensive care in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and laser treatments.

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Facelift Alpharetta

Aging results in the appearance of neck wrinkles and bands, jowls, and deep facial folds… Facelift is the gold standard in restoring youth to the lower face and neck

63 y/o female who underwent a face lift, neck lift and laser skin resurfacing. She was bothered by her neck and the wrinkles that she saw when she looked in the mirror and with her daughter’s wedding coming up she wanted to ensure she would walk into the venue looking and feeling more confident than ever! She had all her procedures done in the office under local anesthesia and now looks 10 years younger just in time for the wedding!



facelift: 2-4 hours
weekend lift: 1-3 hours


facelift: 1-2 weeks
(full 3-4 wks)
weekend lift: 3-7 days


facelift: 10-20 years
weekend lift: 5-10 years


facelift: deep sedation
weekend lift: local anesthesia


bleeding, infection, nerve
damage, skin damage


home same day, care can be provided if desired




Face lifts and Fillers with Robb

Dr. Robb Jr. discusses one of his facelift patients and teaches about different types of fillers
and what patients should look out for and know when considering getting filler done!





As we age, the volume (fullness) of our face decreases, the elasticity of the skin decreases, and gravity has it’s way causing the tissues to descend, or fall down. This creates the appearance of facial jowls, sagging in the lower face, extensive wrinkling, deeper smile lines, saggy skin and vertical bands in the neck.

During your consultation, Dr. Robb Jr. will perform a thorough examination of your face and neck and discuss your concerns and goals. Facelift, when done properly, looks natural and yields excellent and long lasting results.

A good candidate for facelift is someone who:

  • Wants to restore facial beauty and turn back the clock 10-15 years
  • Feels younger than they look
  • Has noticed sagging and banding in the neck
  • Doesn’t like jowls and skin hanging from the jawline
  • Has developed a “turkey neck” that hangs down off the chin
  • Wants to “age gracefully”
  • Has reasonable expectations and allowable time for recovery

During your private one-on-one consultation, Dr. Robb Jr. will listen to your problem areas and goals, identify which procedure is best for you and discuss the procedure in detail, as well as answer any questions you may have.


Preparation for any medical procedure begins with realistic results. During your visit with Dr. Robb Jr., expectations and recovery are discussed to prepare you for this exciting next step.

Stopping all blood thinners and anti-inflammatory medications (Advil, ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve) is important 2 weeks prior to the procedure and specifics will be further discussed.

Depending on the type of facelift chosen, you’ll want to find a time when you can recover comfortably and not have many work/personal responsibilities for at least one week.

​Prescriptions are given at the pre-operative appointment and should be picked prior to the day of surgery.

​Arrange rides to/from our office on the day of the procedure.


Atlanta and Alpharetta Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Philip Robb Jr. performs his signature NO DRAIN facelift- all of Dr. Robb Jr.’s facelift are performed without the use of drains. No tubes dangling and pulling on your skin. No drains to remove after surgery!

Dr. Robb Jr. can perform your facelift while awake, lightly sedated in the office, or in an accredited surgery center while you are comfortable and asleep.

In-office procedures have the advantage of avoiding many of the risks and possible complications associated with general anesthesia. Often an oral relaxing medication is utilized to calm any nerves associated with the procedure. Numbing medication is placed into the surgical site after numbing cream has deadened the skin. The procedure can then be safely performed without any discomfort. Overall a safer procedure, this route is often chosen by patients concerned by anesthesia or the hangover and nausea associated with it. This route also allows patients to have complete awareness of their surroundings (if desired) and allows them to maintain control of their situation.

Regardless on the type of facelift and anesthesia you choose, safety and privacy are foundational at Robb Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. In-office procedure patients are monitored with the necessary equipment to ensure you’re safe and well cared for.

Your procedure begins with meeting Atlanta and Alpharetta Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Philip Robb Jr. in the pre-op area so he can answer any new questions. Some markings will be made on your face and neck to ensure symmetry and that we address all of your areas of concern. Upon waking up, a facial dressing will be in place to protect the results and prevent complications.

Weekend lifts are usually performed in the office as described above.

After the procedure, Dr. Robb Jr. will place you in a dressing that will be changed the next morning. This dressing is very important and shouldn’t be removed except for emergency.


If anesthesia was utilized, it will wear off over a couple of hours but can last a day or so. You’ll want to relax for the rest of the day as you begin the healing process.

The dressing will stay in place until Dr. Robb Jr. removes it the next morning. Keeping the head elevated above the heart will help decrease swelling.

Some oozing, bruising, and sensation changes around the ears and neck is normal after surgery and all of these improve with time. Cleaning instructions will be provided. Showering and returning to normal life activities will be discussed on a patient by patient basis. Dr. Robb Jr.’s meticulous surgical technique doesn’t not require drains for facelifts.


Results of both procedures are immediate and their effects will last a lifetime. Swelling and healing will take 1-2 weeks to subside. Dr. Robb Jr. makes himself available for his patients to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Often, other procedures are performed in conjunction with facelift to have only one recovery period. Combining procedures does not lengthen the recovery time.

At 4 weeks, you can comfortably attend a large event without fear of anyone noticing that you’ve had a procedure.

Surgical results continue to improve for 4-6 months with incisions fully healed and ‘mature’ at 12-14 months after the procedure.

Sun protection and medical grade skincare are very important in preserving your face and your investment- Dr. Robb Jr.’s world class skin care team will work with you to preserve your face, youth, and your investment.

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