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    Robb Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Alpharetta, Georgia offers men and women locally, throughout the state of Georgia, and the southeast, comprehensive care in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and laser treatments.

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  • Renewed Self Confidence

    Robb Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Alpharetta, Georgia offers men and women locally, throughout the state of Georgia, and the southeast, comprehensive care in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and laser treatments.

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Chin Augmentation Alpharetta

The chin is the anchor of the face and should not be overlooked when considering facial beauty

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1 hour


1 week
unable to tell in 2-4 weeks


a lifetime


IV sedation vs. local anesthesia


bleeding, infection, numbness, need for further procedures


Confidentiality and privacy is of the utmost importance during your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Robb Jr. The chin can play a vital role in balancing the lower part of the face. A small chin can make the face look asymmetrical, unbalanced, and relay a decreased self image.

Studies tell us that men are often perceived as less “manly” with a weak chin.

A chin implant can be placed with a small incision hidden in a crease under the chin or placed through the mouth. Recovery is very quick and the procedure is generally very well tolerated. Many patients are concerned that their nose is “too large” and doesn’t fit their face- occasionally, the problem actually lies with a small chin.

During your consultation you will discuss your concerns and interests with Dr. Robb Jr. Together, you will explore the possible routes available to you.

Chin Augmentation is generally performed with pre-made silicon or ‘silastic’ implants. These materials are proven safe and effective.

The procedure can also be performed using dermal fillers which provide a ‘no downtime- no recovery’ avenue for chin projection but are temporary. The degree of projection is often not as significant as an implant.


Dr. Robb Jr. believes that educating our patients is one of the most important aspects of preparation for the procedure. Through education, realistic results can be discussed as well.

​Stopping all blood thinners including NSAIDS (advil, motrin, aleve, etc) 1 -2 weeks prior to the procedure will decrease swelling, oozing, and operative time.

After your thorough and completely confidential consultation with Dr. Robb Jr. The plan should be clear, often photo-morphing software can be utilized to provide an expectation of what we believe is possible with this treatment. Many times, patients present with complaints of a “large nose” but in fact, it’s the chin that’s too small making the nose look “too large for my face.”

It’s always a great idea to pick up your post operative medications prior to the day of the procedure.


Dr. Robb Jr. will meet with your prior to the procedure to answer any questions you may have.

The incision can be placed inside the mouth or under the chin. We will discuss which approach is best for you.

During the procedure, a small incision is made and Dr. Robb Jr. clears an area in front of the bone for the implant to rest against.

The implant is placed on top of the bone. Your natural tissues rest on top of the implant to look natural and act natural.

A small dressing is placed to encourage healing and prevent movement of our new chin. Antibiotics and pain medication will be prescribed to prevent pain and infection.


Swelling and some mild bruising are normal. Dr. Robb Jr. provides pain medication to minimize discomfort during the recovery period.

​Rotating cold compresses and decrease the swelling and keeping the head of bed elevated also works to help decrease swelling and pain.

Dr. Robb Jr. will remove sutures and check initial healing at approximately 1 week after surgery.

If there are any questions or concerns, Dr. Robb Jr. makes himself available to his patients to ease your mind- anxiety is not part of your recovery with us.


Chin implants are highly rated on the patient “worth it” scores. Swelling largely subsides in 1 week and the results continue to refine up to several months after the procedure. The vast majority of implants live happily ever after in their prescribed location.

The type of chin augmentation implants Dr. Robb Jr. prefers do not incorporate to the bone- this means they are always easy to remove if needed. This adds comfort that no bridge is burned by placing the implants but they are loved by nearly all.

The chin still moves and acts completely normal after surgery, it just has more projection to balance the face.

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