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    Robb Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Alpharetta, Georgia offers men and women locally, throughout the state of Georgia, and the southeast, comprehensive care in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and laser treatments.

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  • Renewed Self Confidence

    Robb Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Alpharetta, Georgia offers men and women locally, throughout the state of Georgia, and the southeast, comprehensive care in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and laser treatments.

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Brow Lift Alpharetta

Brow lift restores the eyebrows to their youthful and natural position which opens and reveals the beauty of your eyes

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1-2 hours


1 week


a lifetime


Local anesthesia +/- IV anesthesia


bleeding, infection, numbness, need for further procedures


As we age, the eyebrow falls down and decreases the window to view the eyes. This is noted in saggy, fatigued, and worn out eyes. Disney has it right when they portray characters with large beautiful eyes. Aging often results in small eyes which are not interpreted favorably. Many people seek simple eyelid surgery for rejuvenation of their eyes- often times the brow must be addressed to get a satisfactory result that will last for years. Dr. Robb Jr. will discuss which procedure is best for you for your goals.

The “ideal female brow” begins medially at the inner part of the eye (medial canthus) and continues laterally with it’s highest point at the outside (lateral) part of the iris (a point known as the lateral limbus).

The ideal male brow is fuller than the female counterpart and begins at the medial aspect of the eye (medical canthus). The male brow remains on the superior orbital rim and doesn’t arc superiorly as the female brow does.


Coronal brow lift

This approach involves removing a strip of skin at the top of the scalp. The incision is hidden in the hair so that it is never noticed. The downside is that it does raise the hairline and enlarge the forehead because it removes hair baring scalp.

Pretrichial brow lift

Pretrichial uses the advantage of hiding the incision right at the hairline at the very top of the forehead. This method does NOT raise the hairline but can actually make the forehead appear smaller as the tissue removed is the forehead skin. The incision is woven in and out of the most anterior hair follicles and hides extremely well. This way is very dependable, predictable, and long lasting.

Endoscopic brow lift

Using endoscopes(small cameras), the tissue of the forehead and eyebrows are loosed and redraped raising the eye brows. Several small incisions are made in the hair and temporal tufts and the skin is redraped and secured. This approach affords less incisions and thus, has a quicker recovery. This method is the latest, state of the art technique but many experts argue that the results are short lived.

Dr. Robb Jr. will openly discuss all of the options and address any questions or concerns of your as you decide which approach best suites you.


Dr. Robb Jr. will meet with your prior to the procedure to answer any questions you may have. You will also finalize the surgical plan regarding your ideal eyebrow shape and height.

Markings and measurements will be made to ensure exact placement and symmetry.

A hidden incision is created in the hairline in most cases and the eyebrows are elevated to your desired height and shape. The skin is secured in place and dissolvable sutures are used which will dissolve over the next 1-2 weeks.


Swelling and some mild bruising are normal. Eyelid swelling is not uncommon with this procedure but usually only lasts a couple days. Dr. Robb Jr. provides pain medication to minimize discomfort during the recovery period.

Rotating cold compresses and decrease the swelling and keeping the head of bed elevated also works to help decrease swelling and pain.

A bandage will be placed after the procedure that Dr. Robb will remove the day after the procedure and place a more comfortable dressing. This ensures that the eyebrows stay in the desired location and that no blood or fluid collects under the skin.


If you’re someone who’s experienced the one way slide of your eyebrows, you’ll love a browlift. Resetting the brows not only takes years off your appearance but also can get rid of a mean resting face. I hear many patients say “I look angry all the time and I’m not!” This is a short procedure that can take care of those mean resting faces.

There is nearly a 90% worth it rating on realself.com for browlift. The experiences and techniques are widely varied, Dr. Robb Jr. treats every patient like family and wants your experience to be unlike anything else you’ve experienced. By obsessing over every detail of your treatment, we’re confident you’ll love the care you receive almost as much as your results.

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