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One of Dr. Robb Jr.’s patients that came into the office bothered by the bags under her eyes because she felt they made her look older and more tired than she is. So, she decided to try out some under eye filler for the first time and was amazed at her results! Her before picture was taking when she first arrived at the office and her after picture was taken before she even walked out of the door! She was so excited to see that a quick and easy procedure took years off of her face in minutes!
Dr. Robb Jr. treats tons of patients with Botox in the masseters who have a problem with TMJ and clinching their jaw which causes them to have pain, especially when they first wake up! This can lead to damaging your teeth as well. This patient has seen major improvement in her jaw since she started getting Botox in the masseter, including seeing her jaw have a noticeable bulge when she clinched down to that bulge now being gone! So far we have seen a 100% success rate with this treatment so if this is problem for you.. we have a solution that could help!


This patient of Dr. Robb Jr. has wanted dimples since she was a little girl and can’t stop smiling now that he has given her dimples she has always dreamed of! Dimpleplasty is a quick and easy procedure that can be done right here in our office. Dr. Robb Jr. doesn’t put sutures through the outside of the cheek and has an approach that creates natural-looking dimples that will have you looking like you were born with them!
A patient of Dr. Robb Jr.’s who underwent a face lift, neck lift and laser skin resurfacing. She was bothered by her neck and the wrinkles that she saw when she looked in the mirror and with her daughter’s wedding coming up she wanted to ensure she would walk into the venue looking and feeling more confident than ever! She had all her procedures done in the office under local anesthesia and now looks 10 years younger just in time for the wedding!


An upper blepharoplasty done in the office by Dr. Robb Jr. Here you can see the excess skin that Dr. Robb removed form the upper eyelids that was bothering this patient! He then closes the incision using a technique that leaves the incisions practically imperceptible!

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