Dr. Robb Jr. has done and extensive amount of research and testing on himself to find what we consider the highest quality of medical grade skin care products.We’re proud of our products, and stand by them. With all of our products and services, if you’re not happy the results, we’ll take care of you.

Alastin Skincare line

ALASTIN Skincare®

ALASTIN Skincare® is the fastest-growing physician-dispensed skincare brand, with innovative, scientifically proven, and clinically tested products. Founded in 2015, ALASTIN Skincare provides a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge products for optimal procedure results and daily skincare regimens. We strategically focus research and development on innovative products with the greatest potential impact on patients and providers.


Alastin Skincare productsWhen your skin’s ability to recycle and repair collagen and elastin begins to slow, ALASTIN Skincare® offers an innovative collection of specially formulated and clinically proven products to help restart the process. Meticulous clinical work and ingredient evaluation led to the development of TriHex Technology®, a combination of selected peptides and active botanicals that support the skin’s ability to clear out the damage caused by aging and the environment and replenish with new healthy collagen and elastin.

Whether the goal is to create an essential daily skincare regimen or to enhance the results of some of the most popular skincare procedures, ALASTIN Skincare® offers cruelty, paraben, and gluten-free solutions that promote fortified, healthy skin so patients can look refreshed and are free to feel fabulous, unfiltered and confident.

Elta MD

Raised and practicing in the southeast, the sun is incredibly powerful and the harmful effects of years of unprotected sun exposure can be devastating with skin conditions including cancers. Dr. Robb Jr. and his team set out to find the best kind of sunscreen.

Sunscreen comes in two main varieties:

Chemical Barrier: most commercial sunscreen varieties: this kind of sunscreen is composed of chemicals such as sodium benzoate etc. These chemicals are absorbed into the deeper layers of your skin. Sun light penetrates through your skin and a chemical reaction occurs giving off heat. This protection doesn’t protect from sun damage and some skin cancers.

Physical Barrier: Sunblocks composed of titanium or zinc which act as a film to protect and block sun energy from entering the skin. This is what Dr. Robb Jr. recommends for his patients and his own family. The historical problem with physical barriers is that they leave a white chalky residue… until ELTA MD. This company micronizes the particles of protection which does NOT leave a residue. In fact, you don’t even know you’re wearing sunblock. No odor, no residue, no sunburn.

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