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The nose is the focal point of the face. Rhinoplasty in Atlanta and Alpharetta focuses on refining the nose’s appearance. This surgery is often done for cosmetic purposes. However, this procedure can also be performed for functional reasons in order to allow our patients to breathe better through their nose.

Beauty is often perceived by the human eye as balance. The nose is no different. A nose that isn’t balanced with the face will become noticeable – usually for negative reasons. A nose that’s too large, too wide, or with a dorsal hump can be easily spotted with a quick passing glance. These characteristics can be gently refined to bring things back into balance and restore facial harmony. Rhinoplasty can be performed to change the shape, angle, or size of the nose, as well as to reshape the tip or narrow the bridge.

As an exclusive facial expert, Dr. Robb Jr. has performed countless rhinoplasties and nasal procedures. Several subtle refinements to the nose can work together to create facial harmony and result in an excellent and natural appearance. We focus on achieving natural results.

One method we use to create natural-looking results is called ethnic rhinoplasty. Ethnic rhinoplasty is a specialized type of nasal surgery performed to preserve the unique nasal features of patients from different ethnic backgrounds. For example, African American rhinoplasty can improve the nasal bridge, narrow the nostrils, or define the nasal tip while preserving cultural features.

Atlanta and Alpharetta facial plastic surgeon Dr. Philip K. Robb Jr. also specializes in nasal reconstruction after skin cancer reconstruction. Performing these procedures demands full understanding of nasal anatomy, function, and the appearance. Reconstructing the nose after significant cancer surgery requires extensive knowledge and comfort with primary and revision rhinoplasty.

A thorough understanding of nasal anatomy and facial relationships is paramount in nasal surgery.
Trust your nose to a facial surgeon who fully understands these intricacies.

Dr. Robb Jr. is a nasal surgeon. He is trained to treat all aspects of the nose and nasal conditions, including chronic sinusitis, nasal obstruction, deviated septum, and sinonasal masses. Many times, cosmetic rhinoplasty is performed as part of other nasal procedures.

Am I an Ideal Candidate for Rhinoplasty Surgery?

You may be a candidate for rhinoplasty if you:

  • Feel that your nose doesn’t fit your face
  • Don’t like the look of your nose
  • Have experienced nasal trauma that resulted in nasal deformity
  • Cannot breathe through your nose
  • Have undergone previous nasal surgery and still desire changes

Ideal candidates are in good overall health, are non-smokers, and have realistic expectations. The nasal bones should be fully grown—about age 15 for girls, and a bit older for boys—before the date of the operation if the surgery is being performed for cosmetic purposes.

​If you’re interested in discussing changing the shape of your nose or increasing your ability to breathe, contact us.

Procedure Information

Procedure Length

1 – 4 hours

(final results 12-16 months)


1 – 2 weeks
final result for 6 – 12 months

Results Last

A lifetime


General anesthesia


Bleeding infection, need for further surgery


Home same day

Hear From Our Patients

Rhinoplasty Consultation

A nose can make or break a beautiful face, and nobody understands this better than nasal surgeon Dr. Robb Jr. A consultation with Dr. Robb Jr. is a crucial part of undergoing rhinoplasty, because it is the first step in defining a surgical plan specifically suited to your concerns.

During your visit, expect to discuss your concerns regarding your nose and face. Communication is the most important aspect when discussing nose-refining procedures. Dr. Robb Jr. will take photos and use photo morphing software to make sure he and the patient are on the same page and to establish a realistic surgical result.

Your medical history will be reviewed, including any underlying conditions, current medications, and past procedures. Breathing and the functionality of the nose will also be assessed. Additional diagnostic or lab tests may be requested depending on the complexity of your procedure.

Dr. Robb Jr. will perform a thorough examination of your nose and face and will discuss all other aspects of treatment. After assessing your compatibility for the surgery, Dr. Robb Jr. will formulate a personalized surgical plan to address your concerns. The surgical approach will be tailored to your specific needs and recovery time.

During your private one-on-one consultation, Dr. Robb Jr. will discuss the procedures in detail, show before and after photos, and answer any questions you may have.


Dr. Robb Jr. performs nasal reshaping in the safest manner with the best results and shortest recovery. There are several approaches often used, which will be discussed during your visit.

Preparation for any medical procedure begins with realistic results. For rhinoplasty, this is often aided with morphed photos revealing the expected outcome.

​Based on the specifics of your procedure, arranging adequate recovery time is important to allow your body to heal.

Stopping all blood thinners and NSAIDS (Advil, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve) is important 1-2 weeks prior to the procedure.

Medications for after your procedure can be picked up prior to your day of surgery so you have them on hand.

Arrange rides to/from our office for your procedure in advance.


Actual Patient of Dr. Philip K. Robb Jr.

Rhinoplasty is performed in a surgical center with an anesthesia staff focused on keeping you safe and comfortable during your procedure. Extreme care is taken to prevent any post-operative nausea or pain.

Depending on how complex the surgery is, the whole process can take a few hours. Surgical time is variable and depends on each patient’s specific nasal anatomy and areas addressed.

The first step in a rhinoplasty surgery is the administration of anesthesia. After this, small incisions will be made. Depending on the technique required, the incisions may be created inside or between the nostrils.

Next, cartilage, bone, and/or soft tissue is removed or adjusted to reshape the nasal structure. Once the desired results are achieved, sutures will be used to stitch the incisions closed.

Depending on what was performed, occasionally, a splint is placed on the outside of the nose.

Dr. Robb Jr. generally does not use nasal packing, so breathing out of the nose after surgery is possible, but one can expect to have swelling.

Swelling and some mild bruising are normal after nose reshaping.


Rhinoplasty Results

Results of rhinoplasty are immediate and will last a lifetime. After your rhinoplasty procedure, you may need a few weeks of downtime for proper recovery and healing. If a split was placed, it may need to be kept in place for a week. Notable swelling and bruising will resolve in 1-2 weeks. Keeping your nose elevated above your chest can minimize these symptoms.

Dr. Robb Jr. makes himself available for his patients during the recovery period to answer any questions or concerns they may have. Time is very important during the healing process for swelling to resolve.

For several weeks, it is advised to avoid strenuous exercises, swimming, excessive chewing, and vigorous tooth brushing. Avoid blowing your nose, and do not rest your eyeglasses on your nasal bridge. You may be able to return to work or school a week after your nose job.

If nasal obstruction was part of your pre-operative concern, you should noticed a positive difference anywhere from immediately to when nasal swelling subsides.
The nose continues to heal for 1 year after surgery, especially if nasal tip work was performed. After 1-2 weeks from nose-reshaping surgery, people will not be able to notice that a procedure was performed. The intricate details and final swelling are not always noticeable until 9-12 months.

Why we love Dr. Philip K. Robb Jr.

Dr. Robb truly cares about his patients

5 Stars

I came in for a rhinoplasty and solely for cosmetic reasons, however you can tell Dr. Robb truly cares about his patients and their well-being. He checked the functionality of my nose and pointed out my breathing was obscured and made a plan to address my breathing issues along with my cosmetic wants. Both him and his team are so attentive and kind. They made surgery and the recovery process incredibly easy, and their communication throughout everything has been amazing. I’m only 3 weeks post-op and I’m already in love with my results. He did a beautiful job and I finally feel like my nose suits my face—plus my breathing has improved which is a great bonus. I feel confident about my nose and side profile for the first time in a long time. I’ve had a ton of compliments so far, but they can’t pinpoint exactly what’s changed about me, which tells you how detailed and skilled Dr. Robb and his team are. I can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done and would highly recommend them.

by B.M.

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Cost of Rhinoplasty

Due to Dr. Robb’s client-focused approach, the cost of rhinoplasty surgery varies for each patient. The overall price may be affected by anesthetic fees, the techniques used, and the complexity of the procedure.

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If you think you are a good candidate and would like to learn more about rhinoplasty in Atlanta and Alpharetta, please contact our office in Alpharetta, Georgia, today to set up a personalized consultation with Dr. Robb. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you may have about the procedure and will be happy to assist you with anything you may need.

Dr. Robb is a RealSelf Hall of Fame Physician and Verified Top Doctor.

Facial Plastic Surgeon Board Certificate
RealSelf Hall of Fame
RealSelf Verified Doctor
American Board of Otolaryngology
RealSelf Top Doctor
Facial Plastic Surgery
2020 best of north atlanta best cosmetic surgery

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